welcome to the sixth magrann conference

The Greenland ice sheet stands as one of the most dramatic symbols of global warming and related patterns of climate change throughout the Arctic region. Areas of summer melt atop Greenland’s massive ice sheet continue to expand, sending unprecedented volumes of ice and meltwater into surrounding seas and oceans, with profound implications for regional hydrology, marine biogeochemical cycles, and global sea level rise more generally. While these trends are readily observable, urgent questions regarding how the Greenland ice sheet will respond to future climate change remain unanswered. For instance, while non-linear responses of the ice sheet to climate change could significantly amplify current trends, some ice mass losses may be mitigated by an increase in snow accumulation. At the 2012 MaGrann Conference, these and other issues concerning the immediate fate of the Greenland subcontinent as well as the global implications of these changes will be examined and discussed by experts from a variety of different disciplinary perspectives. Presentations will consider fieldwork studies, satellite monitoring, computer modeling, and data analysis, all of which will be used to enhance our understanding of critical developments related to the Arctic thaw.

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