Land-Use Transitions in the Tropics

March 26th - 28th, 2008

Columbia – Rutgers Workshop on Land Use Transitions in the Tropics

Department of Geography, Rutgers University and
Department of Ecology, Evolution & Environmental Biology, Columbia University.


Baptista, S. - An opportunity for interdisciplinary research on tropical forest recovery in metropolitan regions: methodological considerations and challenges

Kelly, J. - A feminist reassessment of forest transition theory: Risks and opportunities for study of forest recovery at the household level

Pinedo-Vasquez, M. - Looking at the flexibility and resilience of land-use systems practiced by caboclos and their impact on land cover in the Amazonia estuarine region.

I. Perfecto and C. Badgley - Land Use Transition in the LAC

Geoghegan, J. and Pfaff, A. - Broadening the Set of Econometric Models Used for Land Transitions: What has been done, what could be done, and some thoughts about why

Pacheco, P. - Theory in frontier development and agrarian change: Competing views and scope for integrated approaches

C. Padoch, E. Brondizio, S. Costa, M.Pinedo-Vasquez, R. R. Sears and A. Siqueira - The Urbanizing Amazon: Exploring the complexities of urbanization, changing markets, and forest cover.

Southworth, J., Nagendra, H. and Cassidy, L. - Evaluating forest transition pathways in Asia – Case studies from Nepal, India, Thailand and Cambodia

Ickowitz, A. and Geoghegan, J. - Shifting Cultivation and Forest Transition in the Tropics: Research Advances and Remaining Challenges

Lambin,E.F., Meyfroidt, P. and Raquez P - Conditions for a sustainable land use: evidence and the case of Vietnam

DeFries, R. - Forest Transitions and the Energy Ladder in India from the Early 1990’s to Present

Chazdon, R., Caper, R., Finegan, and B.Boukili, V. - Prospects and challenges in assessing ecological groups of tree species during tropical forest succession

de Jong, W. - What assures successful outcomes of tropical forest rehabilitation

Lawrence, D. - The role of ecology and culture in determining the trajectory of tropical forest recovery

Pfaff, A. and Walker R. - Forest Transitions & External Drivers: looking back and looking forward

Putz, F.E. - Shades of Grey in Tropical Land-Use Transitions: View from the Ground

Turner, B. - Sustainable Land Architecture

Vester, H. - A model for landscape biodiversity based on regeneration units.